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Are you battling the sin nature?


Do you find yourself wondering what is wrong with me? I know what I am supposed to do but I just seem not to do it? Or do you find yourself feeling bad because you may have not yet sinned but you are positioning yourself or plotting to do it? Whatever your “it” is you are not alone. We all battle the sin nature. Our baptism parallels the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. It also gives us a picture of the death and burial of our old sinful way of life and the resurrection of new life in Christ. It is important to remember daily that our old sinful life is dead and buried. This alone should give us a powerful motive to resist sin. The difference is before Christ we were slaves to sin and bound to our sinful nature, but now we are free to live for Christ. So, therefore, our purified walk is a daily choice. Will you live for Christ today, or will you live for self?


The choice is yours, to live for Him and not for yourself. God is waiting for you to come to him with all your questions, worries and concerns. He will not withhold one good thing from you. Ask him to help you be strong, press into His word and get in His presence and see how He will transform you.


Today’s Prayer: Father God help me to know today that you are in control, help me to come to you and draw my strength from you. Lord Jesus give me the desire to live for you and not for the world and myself. Help me to be free to live for Christ, in peace and joy. Amen


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